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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Egypt, I miss you!

"I know you are sad that you are leaving, i know that feeling.. me too, im sad that you're leaving.. but, dont be sad for too long, ok? take the positive things, and be happy! We'll see each other again, isA " my lecturer's words that really made me cry..

It's a mixed feeling.. sad that i left egypt, my secondhome,  but ofcourse, im happy too.. i graduated.. im done with the medschool.. im a doctor now.. and im here, in my hometown, with my family around...

And now, im missing egypt! Eventhough it's already 2 weeks since i left egypt... still in withdrawal phase of 'missingegypt'... lol..
Taktau dah bebel ape,
just to say,
Dear egypt, i miss you!